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JITA Actor's Workshops was established in 1992 as a service of the Todd Bridges Youth Foundation when internships were offered to underprivildged youth of Southern California due to the unrest in Los Angeles. Ernest Johnson and Betty Bridges (mother of actor Todd Bridges who portrayed Willis Jackson on Diff'rent Strokes) offered free classes to offer opportunity to deserving youth in the inner-city. 

When the classes begin to grow, veteran actor, producer, writer and director Ernest Johnson branched off and founded the JITA Actor's Workshop where over 100 actor's careers have been launched and they continue to work in the industry and continue to work consistantly.

What our students Learn at the JITA Actor's Workshops are as follows: 

Character Development, Commercial acting, Improvs, acting for film and television, scene study, successful auditing, how to get the call back, and what to do once you have booked. We teach you to develop a high level of acting skills, how to win the casting directors and how to book those jobs. What we teach works, because "OUR ACTORS WORK.!!  Book Your Zoom Class!
Ernest Johnson
Mr. Johnson is a thirty year veteran actor, producer, film and television writer and director who has studied under the master acting coaches. He himself has coached some of Hollywood's biggest stars. All this experience for a fraction of the cost.
Committed to helping our Students achieve their dreams. When you win we win.